Service Activities

Data Management Systems Design

  • Revise or develop data management systems.
  • Refine or develop data collection frameworks, tools and protocols.

Internal Research

  • Canvass internal data and documentation to clarify an organization’s service/ logic model.
  • Identify innovative organizational service practice.
  • Clarify, refine and/or realign service and client performance outcomes.

Professional Development Training

  • Develop and facilitate trainings that build administrative and staff capacity to:
  • Manage, maintain, and further develop data management and reporting systems.
  • Analyze data to inform and frame internal and external decisions.

Executive and Staff Coaching

  • Coach administrators, and their staff, on how to interpret, re-purpose, and position data for the purpose of accountability reporting, grant writing, or service refinement.
  • Support and guide administrator efforts to present data to internal and external program stakeholders.

Technical Writing

  • Support and/or augment organizational capacity to develop data products which include (but are not limited to):
  • Data sections for accountability reports
  • Service model diagrams
  • Logic models
  • High level evaluation summaries for grant proposal
  • Service/performance outcome matrices